Resource flows between migrants, their families and wider communities include money (remittances, diaspora investment), trade (goods, services) and knowledge (technology, skills, business capabilities).

These flows directly impact income and wealth inequalities, consumption and investment behaviour, and the potential for employment and economic growth, in both origin and destination countries.

Whilst research and policy attention on remittances has grown significantly, there has not been enough focus on migrants as owners, managers and financiers of business enterprises in either origin or destination countries. There has also been limited analysis of the significance of migration for knowledge flows between destination and origin countries, especially when both countries are in the Global South.

Our research examines:

  • Resource flows between countries of destination and origin including the composition, size, transmission mechanisms and interactions amongst flows.
  • Enterprises linked to migrants, diasporas and returnees, as owners, managers, financiers or promoters, in countries of destination and of origin.
  • The mechanisms and impact of business, professional and technical knowledge and skills flows between destination and origin countries on enterprise growth and on wider processes of economic and social development in both countries.