Our research unpacks and challenges assumptions about the relationships between migration, inequality and development. We explore and inform new policy approaches to issues of inequality which maximise the benefits of migration for migrants, communities and countries.

We drive action through:

  1. Challenging conceptual and disciplinary silos, developing interdisciplinary teams and intersectional approaches.
  2. Mainstreaming migration analysis into a broader understanding of development policy and practice, building on the OECD’s work and exploring the relationship between migration and sectoral policies including employment, education and health.
  3. Putting migrants’ rights and capabilities at the centre of analysis of their needs and aspirations, drawing on legal frameworks and empowerment initiatives to leverage better outcomes for migrants, their families and communities.
  4. Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of academic, artistic and civil society partners in the Global South and building research, policy, artistic and analytical capacity.
  5. Bridging the gap between policy and practice at national, regional and global levels through strategic engagement with local and international partners.

Our research is structured around the following programmes of work across our six migration 'corridors':

Our approach