Ethiopia - South Africa

Ethiopia South Africa


An estimated three million Ethiopians live abroad, and the numbers of Ethiopians travelling to South Africa has only increased in recent years.

Many originate from Southern Ethiopia, driven by regional inequalities and conflict. Their journeys are usually facilitated by smugglers for a fee.

Although some claim asylum, most work in the informal and insecure economy. Without qualifications or legal status, many are unable to find formal employment. African migrants in South Africa also experience violence and xenophobia.

Notwithstanding the challenges faced, Ethiopian migrants in South Africa have managed not just to survive but thrive. This is evident in the successful businesses they have established in South Africa and the growing volume of remittance sent to places of origin.

Our research in this corridor examines the extent to which migration – including the migration of children – between Ethiopia and South Africa is reducing or exacerbating multidimensional inequalities. We also explore resource flows between the two countries.