Access to and use of digital technologies has wide-ranging consequences for development. Digital technologies can be leveraged to increase access to opportunities and rights for migrants, boosting migration’s developmental benefits at the interface between migrants and host communities.

Yet unequal access means that these technologies can also increase inequalities. This theme focuses on leveraging digital technologies to address the inequalities associated with migration.

Our research examines:

  • The use of digital technologies by different groups and types of migrant in a range of geographical and policy contexts.
  • Migrant understandings of the relationships between migration and inequality accessed through a range of digital technologies.
  • Opportunities to work with migrants and digital developers to develop digital technologies that can be used to reduce inequalities.

MIDEQ’s research on this theme is led by Professor Hari Harindranath and Professor Tim Unwin who is the UNESO ICT4D Chair.

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