Zanj Special Issue: Migration and (In)Equality in the Global South

The Special Issue, Migration and (In) Equality in the Global South: intersections, contestations and possibilities, is part of Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global Studies. The full issue is available on Science Open. Learn more about Zanj here.

This Special Issue draws on the work of migration scholars, artists, and activists from across the Global South collaborating through the South-South Migration for Development and Equality (MIDEQ) Hub to explore the intersections, contestations, and possibilities associated with migration in the Global South. Our aim is to contribute a better understanding of the structural inequalities – poverty, gender inequalities, and racism – that drive migration and limit its potential to contribute to personal, societal, and global development.

The Zanj Special Issue is the first collective MIDEQ output with 15 articles by 30 authors in the Hub. Published by Pluto Journals, Zanj orients itself towards an oppositional intellectual stance that reflects voices too often excluded. The journal seeks to provide a scholarly space specifically for Global South perspectives that otherwise might not make it into the academic industrial complex. Learn more about the development of the issue here.

A full list of the articles from the Special Issue can be found below.

Editorial introduction - Migration and (In)Equality in the Global South: intersections, contestations, and possibilities

Authors: Heaven Crawley, Faisal Garba, Francis Nyamnjoh


The language of migration

Authors: Tawona Sitholé, Heaven Crawley

with Dereje Feyissa, Tebkieta Alexandra Tapsoba,Mouoboum Marc Meda, Gabriel Sangli, Seng Guan Yeoh and Alison Phipps


The flow of people matter

Authors: Jixia Lu and Tawona Sitholé


the disease of expertise

Author: Tawona Sitholé


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Beyond economics: the role of socio-political factors in Hadiya migration to South Africa

Author: Dereje Feyissa


Shifts in the trend and nature of migration in the Ethiopia-South Africa migration corridor

Authors: Yordanos S. Estifanos and Laura Freeman


Pushed to the margins : Ethiopian migrants in South Africa

Authors: Azwi Netshikulwe, Henrietta Nyamnjoh and Faisal Garba


Un panorama des inégalités liées à la migration entre le Burkina Faso et la Côte d’Ivoire

Authors: Tebkieta Alexandra Tapsoba, Marc Mouoboum Meda, Gabriel Sangli, and Bonayi Hubert Dabiré


Inequalities in access to land and strategies of resilience in the Burkinabe migrants in northern Côte d’Ivoire

Authors: Kando Amédée Soumahoro and Sylvestre Tchan Bi


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Impacts of COVID-19 on wives of Nepali migrants and future foreign employment decision-making

Authors: Anita Ghimire, Priyasha Shrestha and Indu Dhungana


In between escapade and peril: the impact of COVID-19 on Nepali returnees and their families

Authors: Karan Kunwar and Indu Dhungana


"Amar beton khub e kom": the role of commercial recruitment intermediaries in reinforcing gendered and racialised inequalities

Authors: Heila Sha and Mohammad Rashed Alam Bhuiyan


Rashed and Saheira quote.png

Migration, memory and longing in Haitian songs

Authors: Toni Cela, Kéthia Charles, Pierre Rigaud Dubuisson, Olriche Fortin, Dabouze Estinvil, and Louis Herns Marcelin


Asaasa: the cloth metaphor for connectedness

Author: Naa Densua Tordzro


Sensing on the move: music across borders documentary (screen production process as method in artistic research)

Author: Gameli Tordzro