Zanj Special Issue

The Special Issue of Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies on ‘Migration and (in) equality in the Global South: intersections, contestations and possibilities' has the potential to revolutionalise dominant migration narratives by changing how migration is presented and turning the focus away from policy responses and towards the achievements of local, regional and international actors in mitigating inequalities which accompany migration processes.

This volume was conceived by Professor Heaven Crawley (Hub Director, Coventry University), Dr Faisal Garba (Co-I University of Cape Town) and Professor Francis Nyjamjoh (Advisory Board member, University of Cape Town) following discussions with Dr Jesse Benjamin at the University of Atlanta, and initiated through an internal call for papers in September 2020. Published by Pluto Journals, Zanj orients itself towards an oppositional intellectual stance that reflects voices too often excluded. The journal seeks to centre positionalities and politics that make a new world in the imagine of the subaltern, the excluded, the Others that are conjured by concepts of the Global South in the current Western order of knowledge, its hegemonic political economies and successive empires. It aims to provide a uniquely engaged scholarly space for Global South perspectives that otherwise might not make it into the academic industrial complex.

For this Special Issue, MIDEQ scholars critically reflect on the relationships between migration and (in)equality in the context of the Global South. The editors placed no boundaries on the length, style or language of contributions. Poetry, creative work and other non-academic contributions were encouraged. A peer review process was established with the goal of developing and supporting new scholarship grounded in the experiences and perspectives of those living and/or working in the Global South; and developing our ToC pathway on contributing to knowledge production and academic capacity.

The Special Issue is now available online and free to access. Check out the full issue.