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Dr Henrietta Nyamnjoh

  • Researcher

Researcher, University of Cape Town

Henrietta Nyamnjoh (PhD) is a researcher with the South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub at the University of Cape Town. Her research within the hub focuses on childhood inequalities, to understand the levels of inequality faced by unaccompanied Ethiopian children during their migration journey and in the host country. She has researched extensively on female migrants and recently completed a study titled ‘Migrant Margins: City-Making Across Durable Borders’ which explores the everyday lives of Congolese women. Before this, Henrietta researched on childhood, focusing on the left-behind children of Cameroonian economic migrants in Cape Town.

Henrietta’s research interests include migration and mobility; transnational studies, drawing attention to migrants’ appropriation of information and communication technologies; migrant hometown associations; the migrant economy; and everyday life and migration and health. Additionally, Henrietta is interested in understanding religion in the context of migration. She has researched and published widely on Pentecostal religious healing among migrants in South Africa.