The University of Manchester

For the last 60 years, The University of Manchester has been at the forefront of Development Studies and The Global Development Institute (GDI) continues to drive forward new ideas promoting sustainable development and social justice for all. We are proud to lead The University of Manchester’s efforts to tackle global inequalities through its research.

The movement of people has always been part of the human condition and a vital process for all human societies bringing change, solving some social challenges and introducing others. Researchers within GDI have a long history of examining issues related to migration, refugees and asylum, which forms one of our key research groups.

As a partner of the South-South Migration Hub, GDI will contribute world-leading research excellence on South-South migration, inequality and development. We bring specific regional expertise, focused on the Horn of Africa and Latin America.

GDI researchers will lead Hub work packages on gender inequalities (WP1) and poverty and income inequalities (WP3), in addition to being part of the Hub's Executive Group. GDI researchers involved in the Hub will use their networks in learned societies, non-governmental organizations, national governments, and the UN system to disseminate research findings and help generate impact.

The Team