Professor Godfred A. Bokpin

  • Researcher

Economist and Professor of Finance, University of Ghana

Professor Godfred A. Bokpin is an economist and Professor of Finance with over 15 years of practical industry, government and multilateral engagement. Professor Bokpin combines three broad disciplines of accounting, finance and economics and the interrelations between them in his teaching and research that uniquely distinguishes his output.

He was promoted to senior lecturer in 2010, Associate Professor of Finance in 2015 and Professor of Finance in 2018. He has conducted cutting edge research in understanding Africa’s economic structure, economic governance, inequality, climate change and inclusive growth that has earned him a number of global recognitions. He has consulted and his views sought by a number of governments and multilateral institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), UN HABITAT, UNDP, USAID, U4 Anticorruption Resource Center (Norway) etc. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate students