Brenno Erick


Brenno is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With a Bachelor in Media Studies, Brenno worked as a creative planner and account manager for almost seven years in the publicity business. He has focused on the fields of cultural industries and socially engaged arts work since 2014. After working as director’s assistant at multimedia art festivals for two years, Brenno joined the PPPdoBrasil team in 2015 and is now project delivery manager for the Building the Barricades project including its Follow-On phase.

At PPPdoBrasil, Brenno has developed projects including CreativeLab (2015-17), the global challenge of ideas Designing Respect (2016-17), With One Voice (2016-17), and providing executive assistance to Paul Heritage and coordination support to all of our Brazil-UK partnership projects including Xingu residencies, Beyond Exchange (2019-20) and Indigenous Research Methods (2019-) among many others. For the MIDEQ team in Brazil, Brenno is a manager providing internal support.