Impact Interventions: improving migrant lives

Impact Interventions

MIDEQ has allocated Flexible Funding to all country partners and four work packages to enable its partners to maximise the impacts of their work as well as to take advantage of local and regional opportunities as they arise. These interventions build on the findings of the research. They are designed to amplify current research and generate additional impacts. Intended impacts are aligned to the impact pathways identified in MIDEQ’s overarching Theory of Change namely: knowledge development and academic capacity building; improving the lives of migrants, their families, and the communities in which they live; and supporting and influencing change in narratives on migration and migrants. Summaries of the initiatives funded to date following four rounds of calls for proposals.

Improving the lives of migrants, their families and the communities in which they live

MIDEQ aims to improve outcomes for migrants, their families and communities, reducing inequality and contributing to development in the Global South. This aim responds to a number of problems that prevent migrants, their families and the communities they live in from maximising the equitable benefits of migration in different contexts and minimising any negative impacts. The attached PDF download gives a summary of all the projects in this pathway.