Pandemic (Im)mobility: COVID-19 and migrant communities in the Global South: Anita Ghimire, Nepal

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic migrant communities have become immobile – stuck in the destination countries, or unable to continue their journeys in transit or in origin countries. This project brings together a collection of essays that seek to spell out how migrant communities in the Global South, namely in Mexico, Nepal, Qatar, and Zimbabwe, have been affected by, and reacted to the pandemic.

Anita Ghimire is a research director at the Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research and Co-Investigator in MIDEQ's Nepal-Malaysia corridor. She answers questions on her research interests, how COVID-19 pandemic affected emigrant communities from Nepal and how has the pandemic altered the decision-making processes of Nepalese migrants.

This video was produced by Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut (ABI). More details on the project can be found here.