Dialogues - Changing narratives about migration

This video was produced by the People's Palace Projects (PPP), an organisation based at Queen Mary, University of London. More details can be found here.

In September 2023, MIDEQ, People's Palace Projects Brazil and our partners IMJA brought together around 140 people at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro to talk about migration between countries in the Global South - with a focus on Haitians in Brazil - migration policies, development and racism. The event included roundtable discussions with key stakeholders, the unveiling of our latest book on access to justice: Acesso à Justiça: Reafirmando direitos para as populações haitianas no Brasil, the Peripheries journal and the launch of our 'Unstoppable Beat' animation. It also included performance from Haitian and Afro-descendant artists, celebrating the diverse cultures of Brazil. Learn more about the event below.


Artistic Director: Johayne Hildefonso

Dancers: Beto Pacheco, Dieufel Lamisere and Raphael Rodrigues, Hudson Tavares, Paula Mandala and Gustavo Sena.

Circus Artists: Jonathan Rodrigues, Clarice Damazio, Adilson Cachorrão and Fernando Mendes.

Percussionists: Dadá, Júnior Bolinha, Dj Neguinho and Fristner Dauphin and Gameli Tordzro.

Designer: Naa Densua Tordzro


Regent: Ricardo Rico Branco

Singers: Ana Maria Dalmonte, Barthelemy Prevert Dossavi, Charlot Jn Charles, Evens Ervilus, Gilbert Estal, Ismane Desrosiers, Naa Densua Tordzro, Richemond Dacillien, Simone Marinho, Vallane Oliveira Roberto da Silva, Vanessa Oliveira Roberto da Silva

The event was part of the MIDEQ research project which is funded by the UK research council UKRI and GCRF.