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Ismane Desrosiers

  • Researcher

Researcher, Instituto Maria e João Aleixo

Ismane is PhD student in Geography at the Graduate Program in Human Geography at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP) - Brazil, where he also obtained a Master's (2020) in Geography. Ismane is a researcher linked to the Laboratory of Political Geography and Territorial and Environmental Planning (LABOPLAN-USP), where he is developing his doctoral project entitled: "Contradictions of urbanization from Haiti to contemporary Haitian migration to Brazil".

He is also a collaborating researcher at the Instituto Maria e João Aleixo (Uniperiferias), Maré, Rio de Janeiro in MIDEQ with the Brazil team. Ismane has experience in the area of ​​human geography, with an emphasis on urban geography and focusing on the following themes: urbanization, city, space production, socio-spatial inequality, territorial and regional planning, peripherals and migrations.