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This #DevTalks was originally published on OECD Development Centre's website. The event is being held in the framework of OECD Development Centre’s 60th Anniversary Dialogues (#DEVat60)

Migration needs to take a front seat in development agendas moving forward. Migration boosts the number of working-age people in a country, helps to fill shortages and diversifies economies, which can encourage more trade and investment. Yet, global development agendas have, up-to-this-point, failed to adequately integrate the role of human mobility into country strategies for growth and wellbeing. Can developing countries turn the tide and take full advantage of the new waves of migration as a driver of development?

Our panel of experts will explore this question, drawing on the OECD and the World Bank’s work on migration and development, as well as on research and insights from the new African Union African Migration Observatory, the United Nations University and the Migration for development and equality (MIDEQ) hub.


Professor Heaven Crawley, Head of Equitable Development and Migration at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research

Ambassador Namira Negm, Director of the African Migration Observatory, African Union

Caglar Ozden, Lead Economist, Development Economics, World Bank

Jason Gagnon, Head of Migration and Skills Unit, OECD Development Centre

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