This event is hosted by the Southern Africa Migration Network (SAMIN) and is part of their inaugural refugee month lecture. The following text was originally published in the event concept note which can be found below.

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Migration involves various elements of management and policy consideration at various stages which is why members of civil society, migrant organisations and those who advocate for migrants met in 2019 for a consultative meeting to discuss issues of migration in SADC; taking into account that most SADC member States see migration as a threat not as an opportunity thus making the response to this complex issue inadequate. This is how the Southern Africa Migration Network (SAMIN) was started to collectively advocate for the rights of refugees and migrants in Southern Africa. It is a forum that comprises members of civil society organisations (CSOs), faith-based organisations, academia, refugee and migrant rights organisations (MROs) and human rights defenders and activists.

Annual lecture on Refugee Day/Month

Building on the successful three editions of SAMIN annual policy conferences that took place in 2019, 2021 and recently 2022, SAMIN would like to introduce an annual refugee month lecture with the aim to raise awareness, promote understanding, and facilitate discussions on the challenges, experiences, and rights of refugees in Southern Africa. This annual lecture will delve into the causes of forced displacement, the experiences of refugees in different regions and countries, the legal frameworks and policies governing refugee protection, the humanitarian response, and the role of various stakeholders in addressing the needs of refugees. Proposed activities include a keynote address focused on issues such as xenophobia, social cohesion, and their impact on refugee and migrant communities; a panel discussion and networking opportunities. By bringing together experts, stakeholders, and the general public, lectures on refugees contribute to the dissemination of information, the exploration of solutions, and the promotion of advocacy efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for refugees globally.

Inaugural lecture 2023

The inaugural lecture will take place on 28 June 2023, virtually from 14:00 – 16:00 (GMT+2). The Topic/theme of the inaugural lecture is "Beyond Stereotypes: Recognizing the Positive Contributions of Refugees and Overcoming Negative Perceptions". With this theme, we hope that the inaugural lecture will help address among others prevalent negative narratives and biases surrounding refugees in Southern Africa, with specific examples from countries like Malawi and South Africa.

Concept note

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