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Marcela G. Rubio

  • Researcher

Researcher, ODI

Marcela G. Rubio is a Senior Research Officer at the ODI. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Bocconi University. Her research has investigated the impact of out-migration and return migration on crime and human capital development in the country of origin of migrants, with a concentration in the Northern Triangle of Central America. She earned her Master’s degree in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University in 2014 and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at American University in 2009. Previously, she worked in the Social Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank, where she carried out quantitative research for the development of several sector reports and working papers. She has also worked as a researcher and consultant to Bocconi University and the Inter-American Development Bank on projects pertaining to poverty, inequality, health, social protection an education.