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Professor Louis Herns Marcelin

  • Co-Director

Professor of Social Sciences, University of Miami and Chancellor, Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development, INURED

Professor Louis Herns Marcelin is Associate Dean for Program Development and Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Miami and Chancellor of the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development, INURED. He is the co-founder and director of the Global Health and Society, an interdisciplinary and cross-campus graduate program at the University of Miami.

He has conducted extensive field research on family, kinship, and religious practices in rural and urban areas in the Caribbean and Latin America with focuses on Haiti, Jamaica and Brazil. In furtherance of his research interests, he was awarded National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) research grants to implement the Haitian Adolescent Study over 13 years to investigate the intersections of marginalization, health risks, drug use, gang violence, and immigration processes in South Florida. In 2007, he led the creation of the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development (INURED) in Haiti, a transdisciplinary institute with the mission to contribute to the development of high-level research and scientific training in Haiti and the Caribbean.

Professor Marcelin has taught and continues to teach sociocultural anthropology; medical anthropology; global health; research methodology; theories in social sciences; anthropology of disasters; violence and human security; societies and cultures in the Caribbean; youth, culture, and globalization; and hospital ethnography. Professor Marcelin’s publications are featured in various flagship venues including American Journal of Public Health, American Anthropologist, Current Anthropology, Child Abuse and Neglect, Prehospital Disaster Medicine, Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse among others.