Carmen Leon-Himmelstine1.jpg

Dr Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

  • Researcher

Senior Research Officer, ODI

Dr Carmen Leon-Himmelstine is working on WP4 for MIDEQ. Her research expertise is on the linkages and mutual impacts between social protection and migration, having conducted primary research in Haiti (CLM programme), Rwanda and Burundi (Terintambwe programme) and Mexico (Oportunidades programme). Carmen also works on gender, economic empowerment, health, SRH and child poverty.

She has extensive research skills collecting secondary and primary data using a variety of research methods including: in-depth and life history interviews, focus group discussions, and a range of participatory rural appraisal (PRA) techniques. She has expertise using qualitative and quantitative software analysis packages including N-Vivo and SPSS. Carmen has a strong publication record on social protection and migration including academic articles, literature reviews, policy briefs and conference papers. She has a PhD in International Development by the University of Sussex.