Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is telling a new story about migration, one of hope and shared values. Together we can bring about change and stand up for migrants’ human rights. View the full toolkit on their website.

#StandUp4Migrants is a campaign from OHCHR focused on telling a new narrative on migration. When migrants are portrayed in a negative light, their human rights are heavily impacted. They are discriminated, excluded and dehumanised. Communities also become divided. How we speak about migrants and migration – the narrative – therefore plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing equality and the human rights of migrants.

Tell a new story

Stories have the power to uplift, inspire and connect.

Let’s replace narratives of fear, division and exclusion with those of hope, inclusion and the change we want to see. One story at a time.

Take action and join the campaign. Check out the #StandUp4Migrants toolkbox for more details.