Kindy Sandhu

Dr Kindy Sandhu

  • Researcher

Research Fellow, Coventry University

Kindy joined Coventry University as a postdoctoral research fellow researching: “The Windrush Scandal – The Social Justice Consequences of Identity and Belonging on Victims and their Families in England”. Additionally, in collaboration with fellow Coventry University researchers, University of Warwick and a local women’s organisation, Kindy worked on a project unearthing Coventry’s South Asian women's experiences of seeking health care including childbirth and antenatal care. Kindy’s PhD research broke new ground by bringing together South Asian women’s experiences of escaping familial domestic abuse, their agency in intimate partner choice and intimate partner abuse.

Kindy’s research interests cover analytical application of intersectionality to lived experiences to get deeper and more nuanced understanding of accumulation of power across multiple social locations. Kindy has extensive research experience in austerity across a number of policy areas ranging from housing, education, health and social care, to examine the intersectional impact of welfare and benefit cuts on multiple demographic groups. Emanating from her front-line and policy experience as well as PhD research a prime area of interest is violence against women and girls, specifically familial violence as well as intimate partner violence.