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Dr Katharine Jones

  • Co-Director

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University

Katharine Jones joined CTPSR at Coventry University in 2015 and is an Associate Professor in the Global Inequalities and Development Group. Educated at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne (1992-5; 1998-9) and Manchester (2007-2012), Katharine has almost 20 years of experience of conducting applied migration research in a wide range of institutional settings (government, voluntary sector, international organisations, think tanks, foundations).

She specialises in researching the intermediaries – labour recruiters, smugglers, travel agents, brokers – who facilitate migration across and within national borders. Her research specialism is motivated by contributing to solidarity with people who migrate as well as a desire to challenge the accelerating global precarity of migration and employment.

In recent years she has led funded research on recruitment intermediaries for the British Academy, ILO, IOM, Humanity United and Open Society Foundations, working primarily in South East Asia and Europe. She is a Co-I on the Hub, leading conceptual development and synthesis of empirical findings in relation to migration intermediaries. Outside work Katharine is a Director and Board Member of the Scottish Refugee Council and the Chair of Bazooka Arts organisation which provides therapeutic arts projects for health and wellbeing.