Dr Anita Ghmire

Dr Anita Ghimire

  • Co-Investigator

Director, Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research (NISER)

Anita has a PhD in Human and Natural Resource Studies from University of Zurich and Kathmandu University and a 4-year Post Doctoral Degree from the University of Bern. She is a research director at the Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research. Her PhD was on lives of conflict-induced IDPs and her post -post-docthe doc was on “Migration and circulation of knowledge and skills among high skilled migrants”. She is a course coordinator for migration and social inclusion at College of Development Studies, Kathmandu. Prior to this she taught Masters course on Research Methodology and Masters and PhD course on migration at Agricultural University in Nepal.

Her research experiences are on migration and mobility, social norms and gender, adolescents and young people, and social protection in addition to evaluation studies of different interventions. Her technical expertise are in teaching, designing, implementing, and monitoring academic and policy-focusedis research, program evaluation and research uptake. She has worked for multi-year and multi-country research commissioned by DFID, UNICEF, IOM, USAID and World Bank among others.