In this poetic intervention, writer and poet Tawona Sitholé reflects on the February 2021 MIDEQ Symposium.

what is the foundation

of this house

this building

is it a ruware

a hard place suitable for beginners

or is it mumuvura

a fluid space perfect for wanderers

depends on the conditions

depends on the builders

what are the materials

for this building

respect skill passion risk

sharing compassion creativity humilty

listening listening listening

depends on the conditions

depends on the builders

having so many builders

there are no right angles

no wrong angles either

in this squinty house

it is just different angles

what is the making

of this house

making time

making a difference

making room

depends on the conditions

depends on the builders

in this building

sometimes you stand

sometimes you have to stoop

sometimes you speak

sometimes you have to shout

sometimes in frustration

you feel like calling the builder

but it's your own name that rings

sometimes you sit alone

in a yawning space

sometimes cram together

into a small window

home is where we rest

home is where we wrestle

thats on the inside

and what about the outside

there are many many storms to weather

this building is a tree

that bends with the wind

in the many many storms

the spirit must be aya the resilient

in this house

who are the builders

what are the conditions